My Creations



Audio editing, production and storytelling via sonic imagery is one of Shoom´s favorite ways to utilize her ear for sound. Her natural ability to hear rhythm, understand flow, and intuitive sense of knowing what keeps an audience engaged is what makes her production and programming stand out from the rest.

Shoom´s involvement in podcasting began in 2012 when she started assisting with studio setup during the early days of what is now the Loud Speakers Network. In 2013 she launched a podcast of her own. In the Mix w/ Shoom, garnered 33+ episodes of original content and 350K+ listens of radio style programming. The show became known for its creative approach to music discovery, the dissection of original samples, and exclusive conversations with emerging and major label artists.



Shoom has been writing song, poems, and random lyrics for as long as she can remember. When feeling inspired she finds an instrumental that makes it easy to express however she feels at the time. From an A&R standpoint, Shoom´s songwriting and beat selection demonstrates her intuitive ear for the craft of making good music. In 2015 Shoom released her first mixtape, ¨A Walk with Shoom¨. Listen to the 8 tracked project along with other singles below.



Film making is an areas Shoom has been exploring lately. Shoom understands the importance of creating visual content to elevate her message and brand awareness. A great eye for capturing and presenting imagery is a great asset to pair with being a natural story teller.



To showcase her travels Shoom created a series of music videos for original songs she´s written and recorded. Footage used was filmed on her iPhone while living in Valencia, and visiting other EU countries like France and Milan. Graffiti and street art are main themes.