a new chapter.

Welcome to the new site!!

A lot of newness is in the air —-
New website.
New country of residence.
New mindset.
New opportunities.
And a new year right around the corner.

I moved to London at the end of July after graduation from Berklee, Valencia. I really saw no other option. My need for new energy and new challenges told me not to look back. It´s crazy how the universe provides and supports you in your endeavours as long as you declare it and do your part. Don´t get me wrong — between completing grad school and moving to a new country with limited money, no job and no real network has been tough, especially emotionally. I´ve cried myself to sleep many nights because I didn´t know what was next. I´ve felt like a failure for not following through with certain things because I let self-doubt, fear, and anxiety talk me out of it. I´ve felt lonely, but still isolated myself from friends and family. Many times I wanted to quit and revert to what was safe because going against the grain is freaking hard!! But through it all I stayed faithful to myself, to my intuition, and to the bigger picture. Even during times when I wasn´t even sure what the bigger picture was — there exists a force within me that continuously pushes me to seek to fulfil my purpose. Really that´s the only thing that keeps me going. And, I am thankful to those who have supported, encouraged, and helped me along the way in any capacity.

Graduation Day. Berklee College of Music. July, 2018 - Valencia, Spain

This past year has mostly made me aware of attachment, toxic relationships (romantic, platonic, with family…whatever) + setting boundaries. It´s okay to let go of people, habits, and situations that hinder growth. The universe sometimes even creates situations to extract these things from our lives and realize our strength with out them, but that´s up to us to decipher. Until then, you will keep repeating the same patterns + scenarios (but in different contexts) until we finally get the message and are willing to make the necessary modifications for a better, happier, healthier life.

Surrender to change — it is inevitable. Growth is crucial. Why be stagnant? Don´t be afraid to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. If a situation is causing more stress than peace, someone is continuously disrespecting your boundaries or doesn´t treat you the way you´d like to be treated — cut ties!!! End that relationship, quit that job. Don´t subject yourselves to things that violate your inner-peace. Go where you are loved, valued, appreciated, challenged in healthy ways, and encouraged to grow.

Over the past 3-4 years, I´ve lost and had to let go of a lot — friends, lovers, business relationships, what I knew to be ¨home¨, and everything I created over the last 9 years when my laptop + hard-drives got stolen while in Spain. And as I experienced the pain from having to detach from them, I realized that these things don´t make me who I am. Attachment causes suffering. As long as my mind, body and soul are intact — I´ll always be whole. I´ve learned to be okay with letting go. I think that´s one of the reasons why I like getting haircuts.

If everything was taken away from me tomorrow, I should be able to hit the reset button and recreate myself over, and over again. True strength is internal. Never depend on or put that much faith/power in something or someone to the point of feeling like you are less-than without them or it.

I´m not really sure where I was going with all this but this is what came out as i started typing. I guess what I am trying to say is —- healing and personal growth/development is hard work and will make you uncomfortable. The universe, God, or however you refer to your higher power, supports you and wants to you to win!! Failure is a part of being successful. Resting + taking a break is okay! Every interaction is an instance to learn, gain knowledge and pivot. People come and people go; but when you encounter good eggs — keep them close (you´ll know). The same goes for jobs and opportunities. Don´t be a slave to anything or anyone. Self-mastery is what will keep you, and take you to infinite levels. Follow your heart and most importantly your intuition; it always knows the truth.

Oh — and never take anyone´s actions (whether towards you or in general) personally. A person´s behaviour is simply a reflection of where they are in their personal journey + in their growth process and has absolutely nothing to do with you. However, what you allow is what you´ll get.

With all that being said — welcome to my new website and thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

I´m excited to have a place to share with you!

Come back soon :)

— Shoom

2018 Notting Hill Carnival, London, UK

2018 Notting Hill Carnival, London, UK

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