2019: Realistic Goals

Whoa. 2018 really challenged me.

Not sure exactly what I wrote on my goal list last year for 2018 but I know I scribbled some in one of the many journals I have floating around. I´m pretty confident the list at least included something about travel + living in another country. So, kudos to that!!

Some of my biggest accomplishments for 2018 were —

  • Completing my masters degree

  • Moving to London

  • Recognizing childhood trauma, how it has affected my adulthood, + learning to let go

  • Rebranding + launching new website for shoomisaacs.com

  • Developing a strong business plan for House of Shoom Records (non-traditional record label )

Setting goals is a great way to guide us towards what we´d like to accomplish instead of aimlessly taking each day, week, month as it comes and just seeing what happens or what you feel like doing. But we operate best with a target. Structure. Guidelines. Rightfully, every day is a new day and can very well be a catalyst to implement change but there´s something about the significance of a new year. It´s like a universal reset that motivates us to try our hand at something new, refocus, and recommit to tasks we´ve put off due to fear or invested interest elsewhere.

One thing I learned about setting goals is to make them BIG. They should make you feel a little intimidated yet excited. Make them exaggerated and as dramatic as you want. That way, even if you don´t exactly hit your target specifically, you should still end up with something extraordinary.

In 2018, I would never post something so personal and transparent in a public forum like the internet. But I created this platform to be as open, honest, and authentic as I´d like, through the good and the bad. For someone who is often misunderstood or considered a bit mysterious — I´m putting shit on the table. Being open about my goals + challenges can spark something in others, allow me to check-in on myself, and provide insight for those who wish to hold me accountable and support me in my efforts. On top of that, honesty, especially when it comes to self-expression + self-development, is very necessary. Sometimes I think I´m too honest yet somedays still find it hard to trust myself.

Nostrano Lounge - Staines, UK (Dec. 18th, 2018)

Nostrano Lounge - Staines, UK (Dec. 18th, 2018)


We´re about a week into the new year now. Here are some ambitions I´ve set out to accomplish in 2019:


  • Launch official website for House of Shoom Records!! Become active on socials by supporting independent artists and sharing interesting notions about independent/DIY music.

  • Start your book! Last year I came up with the idea of writing a coffee-table styled book profiling the origins + trajectory of DIY music genres + regional sounds. This is a long-term project but by the end of the year, I´d like to have researched and solidified 5 genre profiles. The book will be published under House of Shoom Records.

  • Release an EP. Write + record 5 new songs!! Find producers to collaborate with + a release a legit EP under House of Shoom Records with intentions to perform at a venue!! (I did say exaggerate a bit) (listen to some of my music here).


  • Celibacy. Sex gets in the way of the development of healthy relationships for me. So…abstain until further notice.

  • Go on dates. Be vocal about what you want in a relationship, set boundaries, and ask the appropriate questions to know if you + potential interest are seeking the same things. Date with purpose, do not ignore red flags + stay away from emotionally unavailable men.

  • Make friends + explore the nooks + crannies of LDN! I´m a loner for the most part but I do enjoy good company, exploring my surroundings, and being adventurous. Truthfully, since I´ve been in London, I´ve been a hermit. Mostly because I was in a depressive-state for the first 4ish months and the latter portions have been spent being a slave to H&M while living in the suburbs of Staines. Buttt…I´m ready to make quality connections (professional + personal) and soak in some culture!


  • Become well-versed in sync + music licensing. Spend one hour each day practicing a new skill or taking in information related to sync, + licensing, publishing, or the music industry in general. Attend conferences, panels, shows and relative events. Learn from your colleagues!

  • Identify a mentor. Establish a mutual relationship with a senior in my field to learn from + build purposeful, meaningful exchanges.

  • Freelance to make extra cash!! Get paid to produce content + curate events for entities that are already active in UK music/entertainment market.


  • Get a bike. Ride for exercise and to save money on public transport. Getting around in London is expensive!!!

  • Find a place to call home. The last 6 months have been nothing but Airbnbs and staying with family friends. They have all been lovely experiences but I haven´t cooked for myself, walked around naked, played music at obnoxious levels, or been able to exhibit any key signifiers of having my own space. I miss it.

  • More travelling! Ethiopia, South Africa + Taiwan are the next big destinations on my bucket list but I´ll go wherever my budget allow. Aiming for 2-3 new destinations this year.


  • Save £1500 by EOY. No credit cards. Cash only living! This year I´ll be living on a tight budget. I have recently noticed and accepted that I´m a frivolous spender — I buy what I want, when I want , and ask questions later. I call it operating with a mindset of abundance; the universe will always provide! Which it does! Luckily I always have more than enough to sustain responsibilities, necessities, save a little (sometimes!) and goof-off with the rest. But, imagine if I was more conscious and purposeful with my money? Then I´d really be abundant!


  • Commit to a pescatarian diet + overall better eating habits. Stay away from red meats, chicken, fast food, + packaged/canned goods (as I sit here eating a sleeve of chocolate chip cream cookies.) More leafy greens, veggies, fruits, nuts, + grains. Water, tea, and natural fruit juices ONLY. Social alcoholic consumption is okay.

  • Exercise daily. Two sets of 25 jump squats + 1 min planks per day at minimum.


  • One card a day. I started studying Tarot about 3 years ago but never fully committed. I´d have phases of intense interest where I would research and practice reading for myself + others but then abandon it for months. Drawing one card a day for myself would be great to gain daily insight, as well as continue to learn how to interpret the cards (because they never lie) and to build a relationship with my deck.


Wasn´t expecting this to be such a long post but it was important I lay it all out. Thanks for reading.

The title of this post was inspired by my AOL screen name (realisticgoals) from like 2005. Ha.

Anyway…Happy New Year!

What are your goals + intentions for 2019? Let me know in the comments.

— Shoom :)